Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association

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GDCTA is led by your peers and exists to serve our members’ needs. If you would like to be involved with committee or just have general suggestions, please contact the appropriate member.




Caren Caverly 770-713-4025

VP Dressage: 

Abigail Kroupa 561-284-3228

VP Eventing: 

Joanne Morse  770-313-6283


Peter West 762-448-9049

Recording Secretary:

Ashley Boyd 678-416-6598

Corresponding Secretary:

Carol Tresan 404-786-4232


Nicole Andrews 

Liz Molloy 770-634-4089

Jen Scherrens 770-605-3822

Janie Pride 706-573-6184

Julie Shannon 770-569-9555

Danielle Perry 404-219-1266


June Brewer 678-677-4404

Mary Lou Freil 770-330-2489

Penny Morse 770-316-8655

Amanda Garner 404-245-6688

Alexa Ryan-Oat 404-632-9945

1)      Nominating – 2 Non out going board members
2)      Grievance – 2 VP’s and only if there is a complaint
3)      Finance
a.      Chair – Peter West
b.      Sponsorship – Alexa Ryan-Oat
4)      Awards
a.      Grants –Janie Pride
5)      Award Banquet
a.      Chair – Caren Caverly
b.      Silent Auction – Joanne Morse, Abi Kroupa
c.       Barn Raffle – Jen Scherrens
6)      Education
a.      Chair – Julie Shannon
b.      Clinics – Caren Caverly, Joanne Morse
c.       Kudzu – Danielle Perry, Jenn Scherrens
d.       USDF Education Program – Janie Pride
7)      Youth
a.   Chair – Joanne Morse, Abigail Kroupa
b.   Schooling or Grassroots – Open
c.   Recognized – Liz Molloy, Janie Pride
d.   Collegiate – Amanda Garner
8)   Communication
a.      Chair – Joanne Morse
b.      Yearbook – Penny Morse, June Brewer
c.       Newsletter – Penny Morse, June Brewer
d.      Website – June Brewer
e.       Social Media – June Brewer, Abigail Kroupa
f.        Membership – Mary Lou Freil
9)      Show
a.      Chair – Julie Shannon
b.      Recognized – Caren Caverly
c.       Schooling – Caren Caverly
1.        Horse Show Recognition – Carol Tresan
d.      Regionals
1.      Chair – Caren Caverly
2.      Vendors – Open
3.      Hospitality – Abigail Kroupa, Danielle Perry
4.      Awards Chair – Peri Lambros
5.      Grounds – Open
e.      Volunteer Coordinator – Open

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